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Holding Hands

Changing lives through

The Program

Our Approach

Our program to change is divided into several phases and each of them to last two months, possibly longer if necessary for disciplinary problems. As the resident proves he/she can handle the increasingly higher level of responsibility of the next phase, their privilege will increase. It is a highly structured program with a rigid daily schedule. Everyone is expected to obey the rules and follow the schedule. Infractions of the rules or the schedule are corrected with writing assessments from the Bible, loss of privileges, or extra work chores. 

Phase 1

The first phase of The Program is known as the Blackout Phase. 

This induction period is known as the blackout period because the residents do not get to make or receive any phone calls or receive visitors. The only contact they have with family is by the writing of letters during their free time. They do not have a lot of responsibility at this time. Each resident is simply expected to follow the rules and learn how to seek the Lord for all of their problems and needs. 

Phase 2

The second phase of the program brings several different responsibilities.


Each resident will start to take on a different job in the program. Such jobs are either working in the kitchen preparing meals for the whole house or working with our maintenance department. With more responsibility comes privileges, such as, outgoing phone calls and visits with their family. This phase starts to teach the resident how to handle pressures of the program in a Godly way.

Phase 3

The third phase is the junior counselor phase.


 It is the hardest part of the program. In this phase, the Junior Counselor will learn how to balance his or her responsibilities of the program and stay in the Word themselves. They start giving back to the program by holding the younger residents accountable when they break the rules or by just sitting down and counseling with them about what they have learned going through the program. They also learn to help teach, reach, and draw the younger residents closer to God through them while also seeking God themselves in all things. This phase of the program is so important because it shows the resident how to balance their relationship with the Lord, family, and work after they graduate the program. After a resident graduates the program and they want to stay and give back to the program, God’s House of Hope offers a 6 month to 1 year long staff training program. 

The application Process

Adults (18 and up) can apply to our center for help. Admission is on a bed availability basis and our center is open to both men and women. A preliminary interview will be done in person by an overseer of the program. All we ask is that a person is willing to seek God for the answer to all of life's problems and willing to follow the schedule for the program. Once you have been approved for the program, we do require some initial blood test (and a pregnancy test for women) before accepting a person. It is very important to note that the program is highly structured and if a person is incapable of adhering to the program rules and guidelines they may not be permitted to stay.

To fill out an application for acceptance into the program, please call 662-591-7100 and ask for the Program Overseer. They will take your application route over the phone.

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